It is my understanding that Rep. Bob Morris has recently started a business selling fireworks in Georgetown Square. Bob, I would say that is one of the poorest political decisions you have made since attacking the Girl Scouts. Many counties in this state have a Burn Ban and are banning fireworks and you are selling fireworks, so much for the good of the community. Where do fireworks come from? China of course, don’t you read labels? China is the place that forces abortions to limit their population and family size. I guess your religious convictions don’t extend that far east and making money would be your priority over objections to abortions in this case. As a State Legislator, I would think participating in the firework business would be a conflict of interest since you vote on laws concerning firework sales and usage. Ahhh, so much for integrity.

Doug Geller

POSTED: 06/23/12 at 10:54 pm. FILED UNDER: Opinions