by Steve Gordon

New Haven City Council meeting for August 28th focused on the city budget presented by the mayor for the 2013 fiscal year.

Greg Guerrettaz, the city’s financial advisor, discussed significant changes in the new budget compared to previous years. The budget information can be found here (click here). The foundation of the budget is detailed in the Sustainability Analysis. The 117-page report, which can be reviewed here (click here), was filled with details for every department, based on anticipated revenues and expenditures for the new year. The report looked at spending for the city since 2006 and projects spending through 2015. The expected tax rate is expected to remain flat. Mr. Guerrettaz commended the city’s spending restraints compared to other comparable Indiana cities that he has performed financial work for also. The council will continue to review the document during their September meetings. The council also started the process to approve salary increases for city employees and elected officials. The council was presented changes in city council district boundaries. Those changes are expected to be approved in September.

Councilman Tim Martin shared that the new trash disposal contracts expect to be put out for bid in the near future. Options will include trash only, trash pickup with optional one stream recycling, and trash recycling disposal.

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