I think it’s time to review one or two EACS school board messes.  At least 400 students have been lost this year; this is in addition to the 450-500 lost last year. In a News Sentinel article (Aug 22) it was stated that student loss was previously projected to be 1,000 students over the next 10 years.  Well, they have lost almost 1,000 students in the past 2 years. This accounts for a great deal of money that will be missing from the State’s contribution to their budget.  They have saved money by losing teachers and staff, but I would think the claimed savings must be seen in light of the loss of income from the State, certainly not in their budgeting skills.

ISTEP scores are unacceptable.  For the first time in years, FWCS has surpassed EACS in academic improvement.  All we can say is that we have two buildings, one being remodeled and one awaiting building improvements.

On July 18, they reported there wasn’t enough money for maintenance.  They spent all that money on I Pads.   Mr. Algier then expressed concern they had approved the IPad expenditure without thoroughly discussing the ramifications on the budget before spending so much. Their first idea was to float another bond for $2 million to pay for the shortage of maintenance funds. More taxes for something that should have been accounted for in a reasonable budget. At least they later decided to take a loan for maintenance fees. On August 22, Ms. Lightfoot stated “The bottom line is we are not going to be in the red at the end of the year, due to redesign and the changes we made.”  Well Ms. Lightfoot, if you have to take out a $2 million loan for maintenance, how can you possibly consider yourselves “not in the red”?

Where is Mr. Stahly, the Business Manager?  Are they consulting Mr. Stahly?  Is he really doing his job? Maybe he needs to be replaced also.

They keep saying the “redesign plan” is saving money.  I wonder why they have to say it so often.  The way they operate, I don’t know how they could possibly know. They spend money that isn’t even there.

A Journal Gazette editorial stated the entire EACS Board should be replaced.  I, as well as many others, agree. There are four School Board positions open this election.  EACS Voters, please be sure to check out the candidates and their platforms. Let’s bring in new, ethical, honest and educationally concerned people.


Marcia Geller

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