In a surprising announcement in the News-Sentinel on Aug 22, Terry Jo Lightfoot stated the EACS school board is paying $8,000 for a “de-annexation” study. Now that they have dipped into the pockets of New Haven and Leo for the Woodlan and Heritage redesigns, they seem to think its ok to get rid of us both even though New Haven defeated the referendum for their redesign by a very large majority. I don’t know how Leo voted, but I would think they would be just as indignant to have their taxes go to a school system in which they were no longer a part. We (New Haven and Leo) are required to pay the redesign taxes since we were part of the EACS school system when it was voted upon. This is just another example of the Board throwing money down the drain for EACS.

First, they take our tax money; and then will tell us we can leave the district to create our own schools? Legal but again, as in many things the EACS School Board has done over the years, is unethical. Terry Jo Lightfoot even stated “it’s possible the study won’t be presented in public.” I would certainly like to know the result. Why even suggest secrecy when the law requires public knowledge? She and the rest of the Board have problems with transparency as well as their financial inadequacies and many other problems.

Please check out all the candidates for your districts thoroughly and please vote the current inadequate, unethical members out.

Marcia Geller

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