On Saturday, September 29 don’t miss out when downtown New Haven, IN comes alive during their Sample New Haven event put on by the New Haven Chamber of Commerce. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Broadway Street will be lined with local businesses sharing samples of foods and services. For just $2.00 a person or $5.00 for a family there will be plenty of samples to try. This year there will be twenty seven businesses and organizations participating. At the end of the event those attending will vote for their favorite. The winner then is awarded the “People’s Choice Award for 2018”. But the fun doesn’t stop there. While sampling those attending the event can participate in our scavenger hunt. As they sample, each person can collect letters which when unscrambled spell out a secret phrase. Those that get the secret phrase correct can enter a drawing for a 2019 Family Pool Pass to New Haven’s Jury Pool. And if getting your face painted is something you enjoy, New Haven’s Cheerleaders will be present to offer free face painting. So stop by on Saturday, September 29 and join in the fun.

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New Haven Business presents Fundraising Check to New Haven Police K9

On Saturday September 15, 2018, staff of the New Haven Pet Hospital presented New Haven Police Chief Henry McKinnon with a check for $6,535.13. Money was from a fundraiser that the Pet Hospital did so the New Haven Police K9 Unit can purchase additional equipment. The money will be used for the purchase of the Hot-N-Pop system, monitors the interior vehicle temperature, and will be installed in the K9 vehicles in the near future. Chief McKinnon and the K9 Unit would like to thank the entire staff of the New Haven Pet Hospital for their fundraising effort as well as for this generous donation.

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Tox-Away Day Now a Weekly Event

This year has brought a name change, program expansion, and new affiliation. Tox-Away Day has been a popular program over the years and Allen County Department of Environmental Management (ACDEM) recognized that there was a greater need for a weekly drop-off program.

ACDEM recently launched a weekly household hazardous waste drop-off program at their refurbished facility located at 2260 Carroll Road, Fort Wayne. The drop-off program is now open to the public every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Minimal fees and a weight limit of 50 lbs. will apply.

For more information, contact their office at 260-449-7878.

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Don’t Miss Out on this Networking Opportunity… Chamber Networking Group

Every Tuesday, from noon to 1 p.m. at Rack N Helen’s Bar & Grill, 525 Broadway Street, New Haven, IN

For more information call

Shane Grantham at 260-414-9617

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With Oktoberfest soon to kick off and the average flight from New York to Munich from mid-September to late-October costing $1,000-$2,000, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2018′s Best Places for Oktoberfest Celebrations as well as accompanying videos, along with fun and interesting facts about the event in its Oktoberfest Facts – History, Beer, Food & More infographic.

To determine the best cities for partaking in the epic German festival, WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities across 24 key metrics, ranging from share of German population to number of beer gardens per capita to average price for Oktoberfest celebration ticket.

Below are some highlights from each report.

Top 20 Oktoberfest Cities
1 New York, NY                    11 Pittsburgh, PA
2 Portland, OR                     12 Sacramento, CA
3 Cincinnati, OH                  13 Columbus, OH
4 San Francisco, CA            14 Boise, ID
5 Chicago, IL                         15 St. Louis, MO
6 Philadelphia, PA               16 Madison, WI
7 Denver, CO                         17 Milwaukee, WI
8 Miami, FL                          18 Scottsdale, AZ
9 Seattle, WA                         19 Lincoln, NE
10 Orlando, FL                      20 Tampa, FL

Oktoberfest Fun Facts: •$5,000: Estimated cost for an American to attend Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.

•1.98 Million: Gallons of beer consumed during Oktoberfest.

•700,000: Number of whole roast chickens eaten, plus 60,000 sausages and 59,000 pork knuckles.

•$1.53 Billion: Oktoberfest’s annual economic impact on Munich.

•$67,306: Median annual income for German-American households ($57,617 for all households).

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Bob Nelson, New Haven mayoral candidate for 2019, announced “Our Community Plan.” Nelson’s style of government will be inclusive not exclusive. Not my platform, OUR platform. Not my plan, OUR plan. Not my city, OUR city.


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With Americans working an average of almost 1,800 hours per year and 52% of workers not using all their available vacation time, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2018’s Hardest-Working States in America as well as accompanying videos.

In order to determine where Americans work the hardest, WalletHub compared the 50 states across ten key metrics. The data set ranges from average workweek hours to share of workers with multiple jobs to annual volunteer hours per resident.

Top 20 Hardest-Working States in America
1 Alaska 11 Oklahoma
2 North Dakota 12 Maryland
3 Wyoming 13 Hawaii
4 South Dakota 14 Iowa
5 Nebraska 15 Vermont
6 New Hampshire 16 Idaho
7 Texas 17 Minnesota
8 Colorado 18 Louisiana
9 Virginia 19 Wisconsin
10 Kansas 20 Utah

Key Stats •Alaska has the longest hours worked per week, 42, which is 10% longer than in Utah, the state with the shortest at 37.

•New York has the longest average commute time, 32.6 minutes, which is 1.9 times longer than in South Dakota, the state with the shortest at 16.9 minutes.

•Iowa has the lowest share of idle youth 16-24-years-old, seven percent, which is 2.9 times lower than in Louisiana, West Virginia and Alaska, the states with the highest at 20 percent.

•Idaho has the highest share of workers leaving vacation time unused, 78 percent, which is 2.1 times higher than in Maine, the state with the lowest at 38 percent.

•South Dakota has the highest share of workers with multiple jobs, 9.1 percent, which is 2.6 times higher than in Florida, the state with the lowest at 3.5 percent.

To view the full report and your state’s rank, please visit:


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Continental Diamond Tool (CDT) celebrated it’s official ribbon cutting Wednesday, August 8th.

Founded in 1973 by Ray Viggiano, Continental Diamond Tool took shape with just 2 employees and 4,500 sq. ft. in New Haven, Indiana. CDT has been providing technically superior precision tooling to a number of industries ever since. After multiple expansions to meet product and customer demand, CDT has grown again with a 112,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility that will accommodate new product releases and future customer needs. With a motto of “Small Company Values, Large Company Capabilities” CDT has become a worldwide manufacturer of superabrasive grinding wheels and tools.

Photos from NH Chamber of Commerce

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The Big 10 Mistakes College Students Make on Social Media

Not using privacy settings
Sites like Instagram and Twitter allow users to make their profiles completely private from those who aren’t following them, while Facebook allows members to customize the amount of information seen by followers and non-followers. Facebook is quite specific, allowing users to change the privacy settings for each item shared on a timeline.

Trusting privacy settings
Although privacy settings can reduce the risk of personal material entering the public eye, even these aren’t foolproof. Using the “Photos of” search feature on Facebook provides a look at the types of posts that can be seen—even with privacy settings in place.

Posting questionable photos
The best rule when it comes to questionable images is to simply not post them and untag any that others may have shared. Even if you are of legal drinking age, a picture including alcohol isn’t going to make the best impression. Save them to your computer, but take them off your page.

Using poor grammar
While it’s tempting to be informal on social media, remember that these platforms often serve as the first introduction to potential employers. Reverting to text-speak and endless ellipses may be fine in private messages with friends, but when shared publicly they can give off the wrong impression.

Complaining about your current job
Your current job may be awful and your boss may be the worst, but prospective employers only see you as a disgruntled worker. Even when refraining from naming the company, this type of behavior tells more about what type of employee you’ll be at your next job.

Retweeting/posting inappropriate materials
Many students feel it’s safer to post about controversial topics if it’s done via sharing or retweeting someone else’s words. While this may remove you somewhat, posting these types of things ultimately shows an endorsement of the sentiments or ideas expressed.

Complaining about professors/peers
Similar to criticizing a current job, complaining about professors and peers will not be seen in a favorable light. If you can’t respect them, what’s to say you’ll be able to work with your potential boss or colleagues at the job for which you’re applying?

Sharing confidential information
Offering too much information, or talking about details that aren’t yours to share, will be an immediate red flag to HR. With all of these mistakes, it’s important to remember that hiring committees look at social media behavior and transfer it to a workplace setting. If an applicant can’t respect privacy on social media, can they be trusted with confidential information about a company?

Discussing taboo topics
Although there is no hard-and-fast rule stating sensitive topics shouldn’t be discussed online, constantly writing or sharing posts about subjects like politics or religion can raise a few eyebrows. Especially if these posts show strong opinions, they may signal to employers that you are a combative employee. While it’s perfectly acceptable to hold beliefs about these topics, the workplace is meant to be a largely neutral zone and these topics are generally not discussed on the clock.

Not using social media enough
Just as some individuals overly use social media or share too much too often, not using social media can also be a red flag. Hiring committees want to see prospective hires engaging with others, sharing thoughtful information, and demonstrating a passion for their life. Being non-existent on social media can make you seem aloof.

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