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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

All EACS schools are CLOSED today… an e-learning day.

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Lifting water tower 44 feet will boost public safety, economic growth

By Kevin Leininger of The News-Sentinel

When Allen County officials wanted to add luxury boxes and about 2,500 seats to the Memorial Coliseum in 2002, they raised the 50-year-old arena’s roof by nearly 42 feet. The project cost more than $34 million — but far less than starting from scratch.

New Haven officials will apply much the same principle this spring when they elevate the city’s 20-year-old water tank by 44 feet — a million-dollar project they say will provide the water pressure needed to protect the public and attract jobs.

New Haven Mayor Terry McDonald said the project, believed to be the first of its kind in the area, is necessary because the tank was incompatible with the increased pressure of the water supplied to the area by Fort Wayne City Utilities several years ago. The 130-foot, 500,000-gallon tank has been inoperative e ever since, making it difficult to maintain the pressure needed to fight fires or attract large industries and the jobs they create.


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Provided by the New Haven Chamber of Commerce:

Human Resources is something every business, big or small, has to deal with every day. Unfortunately as a business owner, unless you have training in Human Resources (HR), just the basics can be overwhelming. That is where XcelHR can help. Next year XcelHR will celebrate its 25th Anniversary helping area business owners with human resources and employee administration services. XcelHR specializes in serving small business. Mike Walton, Business Consultant for XcelHR said, “In fact 95% of our clients have fewer than fifty employees. In a nut shell, we are providing Fortune 500 quality HR services to small businesses at a very affordable price.” Most small businesses take a shotgun approach to HR.  They have 12-15 entities or more involved with various aspects of handling HR issues.  That usually puts the owner in the position of trying to coordinate the various entities.  Since most owners are not trained sufficiently to handle all HR stuff, there is duplication of effort in some areas and major gaps in others.  And, since most small business owners are unaware of all Federal and state HR laws they need to comply with, they are also at risk of being assessed fines and penalties that could exceed $100,000 or more and maybe even jail time.  This method, while common, is fraught with inefficiencies and increased risks.  The owner, and often his or her senior managers (usually the highest paid employees in the business) are spending time doing essentially clerical tasks they are not trained to do.

Outsourcing HR functions through a company like XcelHR is a smarter way for most small businesses.  In essence, they are hiring one expert company to perform and be accountable for most of the HR functions.  It frees up the management team to spend more time doing what makes the business profitable.  And unlike an in-house HR professional, the business owner doesn’t have to provide office space or pay payroll taxes or benefits if they outsource. XcelHR offers a comprehensive “Professional Employer Organization” or PEO outsourced HR plan. Many businesses today need help managing increasingly complex employee related matters such as health benefits (including the Affordable care Act), workers’ compensation claims, payroll, state and federal HR law compliance, and unemployment insurance claims, and much more.  They contract with a PEO to assume these responsibilities and provide expertise in human resources management. This allows the PEO client to concentrate on the operational and revenue-producing side of its operations. PEOs contractually pay everyone in the client business including all payroll taxes, deductions, etc. through XcelHR’s FEIN (federal tax ID number), and may secure benefits and workers’ compensation through their FEIN. By providing these services, most of a small business owner’s personal risk and liability is transferred to XcelHR, while lowering their HR related labor costs. XcelHR’s web-based solution integrates everything associated with employee administration. This includes benefit administration, human resource services, payroll processing, payroll tax filing, retirement plan administration, risk management services and much more. XcelHR can also help clients that are interested in winning government contracting opportunities to grow their business.  XcelHR coaches them through the bureaucracy, forms, and red tape as well as introducing them to the prime contractors that can feed them business. Walton gave an example of an issue that is more common with small businesses; problems with cash flow.  He said, “We offer a pay-as-you-go program for workers’ compensation that allows a business to pay a small portion of their workers’ compensation premium with each payroll.  Instead of paying the traditional way, with a deposit at the beginning of the policy period and then a prepaid quarterly premium based on projected payroll, XcelHR makes the deposit and quarterly premium payments to the carrier for the client.  Then we charge a pro rata portion back to the client on each payroll. That means at the end of the year, the client has paid the exact amount of workers’ comp required, which eliminates the need to do a year end workers comp audit.  This way there is no surprise “settle up premium” if the client underestimates their quarterly payroll. This also saves our client the money they would have to pay somebody to do the audit, as well as the time in collecting all of the information to make sure the numbers balance. That could save a small business owner hundreds (or thousands of dollars), not to mention improved cash flow.”

Mike Walton

XcelHR is very flexible in working with the small business owner to customize the Human Resource solution that works best for them.  Because of this variety of services, Walton said, “There is literally something new that comes up every day. And there are so many things that we can do that are helpful for our clients.” Walton also shared that the sheer volume of HR information can be challenging, “If you break down what we do into its component parts, any one of the parts can be a specialty or profession in and of itself. With over seventy different services, and all of them interrelated, the complexities of the combinations makes it so no two days are the same.” Walton continued with another example, “If a business is providing an update on their health insurance, then they have to update a number of other documents including their handbook. If there is a conflict between any of those documents they leave themselves vulnerable to fines, fees, and possible law suits.” Another issue Walton shared is the impact a change in one area can have on others such as the
Affordable Care Act. Some laws apply to businesses of one size and not to others.  Since the Affordable Care Act is being phased in, some rules are applicable now, some will be next year, and some the year after. There are also exceptions and waivers.  And government regulations could change with very little advanced notice.  XcelHR has to stay on top of this moving target to provide reliable information for their clients. Walton said, “By virtue of having certified experts in each of these areas, we can assure all of our clients are getting current information.”

XcelHR has been a member of the New Haven Chamber of Commerce for almost two years. Mike Walton has participated in our Ambassador Program since early 2014.  He said, “Participating as an ambassador has been a real hoot. I grew up in a small town and so working with a small town chamber has given me access to business owners I might not have access to otherwise.”  He continued, “And the other thing is, most people have had a very good experience with the New Haven Chamber.   So most business owners are willing to spend a few minutes with representatives of the New Haven Chamber.”

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Team Bird Elite youth running club closed out it’s Indoor Track season at the University of Kentucky HS Invitational, with Paige Boatright of New Haven HS running a personal record performance for a full 2 mile run Saturday.  Paige ran a 11:50.2 in the race which included eight plus different states in this high caliber meet.  Paige was 10th out of 32 starters in the women’s two mile.   Several universities including Clemson, U of Kentucky,  Tulane, Arkansas, U Miami were a few asking questions about Paige.  “It is always exciting to discuss our athlete’s to colleges and universities” said Coach Bird.  “however Paige being a sophomore cannot directly talked to the schools”, Coach remarked.  One purpose on these big meets is simply get their name in front of some schools.

Paige was a little scared with having, such a large group on the indoor 291 meter track.  We mapped a tactical start to allow her to get in a rhythm with her race and not get box inside on the curve.  Paige “coach my heal got step on twice at the start”.   Her first mile was a 5:39.8 basically a personal record for her 1600 time.  That was right on for our sub 11:30 goals for this meet.  However, she found herself running alone between a lead and second pack of women, this was a mistake, slowing her pace.   As we entered in the last critical 800 meters of the race Paige made a move to catch some competitors, passing 4 runners in the last lap with the fastest we have seen her in final meters.

TBE is a youth running club open to 8 to 18 years, we run cross country and track & field, open to any student/athletes who are looking for year around competition.

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The dates for the 2015 Community Photography Show have been announced. The opening reception will be Friday, February 27th from 5:30-7:00pm and will be held at the New Haven Park Center, 1125 Hartzell Street, New Haven. All local artists 14 years of age and older are welcome to enter. The show is non-juried and awards will be given. Drop off entries February 24th – February 26th from 8:00am-4:00pm. The show will be on display March 12th.

If you would like to enter photos or would like to look at the full list of rules, please click on the link: photography form 2015

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Bethel College troupe to perform show about Eusebius Hershey at New Horizons Fellowship in New Haven

The Bethel College Genesians, a traveling drama troupe from Mishawaka, Ind., will perform Sunday, March 1st, at New Horizons Fellowship

The free performance begins at 6:00 p.m.

Hershey is described as the first missionary in the history of the Missionary Church to answer the call “to serve Christ in ‘inhospitable lands.’”This season’s production is “In Search of Eusebius Hershey” by Richard T. Young.

Show promoters say audiences will “discover a colorful, dedicated, tireless, and energetic ‘warrior for the Lord’ whose life of service to the Gospel is a challenge to us all.” The performance will explore Hershey’s “fascinating journey as a traveling evangelist, talented writer and true hero of the church.” The show is suitable for the entire family. The Genesians perform under the direction of Richard T. Young, Theatre Department chair at Bethel. The troupe has performed more than 1,000 times in the United States and Canada since it was formed in 1965.

ALSO Family Movie Night, Saturday, March 21st 6 PM

“Big Hero 6″

Free popcorn, drinks & admission

Easter Egg Hunt at Werling Park, Saturday, April 4th 2 PM

Ages 2 to 12

Free prizes, candy and fun

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New Haven Boys Varsity Basketball falls to Concordia Lutheran High School 49-45

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NANA Honored and Thanked at EACS Board Meeting

Loretta Loy (aka ‘Nana’) has made and given away hundreds of blankets to young kids in our community. Nana expanded her mission to include entire classes of preschool children in the hopes that all children would have something of their very own to love while transitioning to the rigors of attending school.  Recently, the EACS Board of School Trustees honored ‘Nana’ for all she does for EACS kids!  Last year, she has passed out blankets to the pre-schoolers at Southwick Elementary and this year at New Haven Primary.  Nana said, “I enjoy talking with the children after they pick out their blanket as they excitedly explain to me the stories of the characters on their blankets. I know I can’t change the entire world, but I can make the world a little brighter one child at a time.”

Locally Nana is sponsored by Beacon Credit Union and the New Haven Chamber of Commerce.

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Architectural, engineering firms to be contracted

Jamie Duffy The Journal Gazette

The East Allen County Schools board Tuesday voted formally 5-2 to proceed with a $58 million building plan that will focus on the New Haven attendance area.

The building plan was originally proposed in early February as a $53.8 million building referendum, with another $4 million proposed in general obligation bonds.

The next step will be to hire architectural and engineering firms on two of the proposed projects, according to Chris Baker, board president. Those firms would be able to project costs and produce building renderings. The vote on the architectural and engineering firms is scheduled for the next board meeting March 3.

The plan calls for building a preschool special-education wing at New Haven Primary School, building a new New Haven Intermediate 3-6 school, and remodeling the existing 3-6 school to house the Alternative School and vocational school. Also, the plan would demolish the existing New Haven Middle School, the 64 building and the Park Hill Learning Center building.

The plan also proposes renovations to New Haven High School and the building on of a middle school wing to make it a 7-12 center under one roof. East Allen County Schools area operates on the community school concept where middle and high schools are in a compound or community setting.

The former New Haven Elementary School would transition into the administration building while the existing administration building would be demolished.


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(WANE) – Police are investigating a fatality at the scene of a crash near I-469.

Police were called to the scene of the crash in the area of I-469, just south of U.S. 30, around 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday. It’s not clear exactly when the accident may have happened. The vehicle involved was laying on its top in a ravine and the victim’s body was found on the ice next to it.

The person found dead was reported missing 7:30 Monday night, according to crews on the scene.


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