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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tonight is homecoming and what better way to celebrate then enjoying the game on your home for EVERY 2016 New Haven Bulldog football game, WHNH-FM 101.3fm! Coach Rowland brings his undefeated #5 Bulldogs home to face the defending NE8 conference champion Bellmont Braves.
Cliff Tanner has your play by play along side him are his broadcast partners in crime Duane Griner, Pete LaFaucia & Nic Lash tune in at 6:45 on 101.3 FM or the WHNHLP App, world wide. Be sure to see The WHNH Staff in this years homecoming parade in downtown.
WHNH your only home for EVERY 2016 New Haven Bulldog Football game! #WHNHSports #WHNH #NewHavenHighSchool #NE8 #IHSAA #BulldogFootball #NHHS #Homecoming

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On Saturday Mike Clendenen will take part in a once in a lifetime event! Mike will receive the torch in front of Crumback Chevrolet sometime between 11:30:1145 and carry it down SR 930 to New Haven High School where we will have a brief ceremony celebrating New Haven’s Sesquicentennial as well as the State’s Bicentennial. The New Haven Sesquicentennial Committee has 200 inflatable torches to hand out at the high school so come out and help us celebrate!

Then taste some great New Haven cuisine downtown from 11 – 1 at the New Haven Chamber’s Sample New Haven event. Games, crafts and a Beard contest in Schnelker Park from 1 – 5 and then a great concert from Tom Didier and the Brat Pack from 5 – 7. The concert is free thanks to 3 Rivers Credit Union, New Haven Parks and the New Haven Chamber.

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New Haven/Adams Twp.Fire Department Sunday, October 9, 2016… 7:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

910 Hartzell Road… 493-7500… Donations Welcome

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10th Annual Sample New Haven… Saturday, October 1st 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Food & Family Fun

COME HUNGRY AND VOTE FOR THE BEST… Cost: $2 individual or $5 family

Join us for the festivities in downtown New Haven on Saturday, October 1, 2016 from 11:00a.m.-1:00 p.m. for soup tasting and other downtown activities. All participants will be able to taste food samples from local businesses along Broadway and vote for the People’s Choice Awards.


Stop by local businesses and pick up a clue. Put the clues together to spell the secret phrase and then enter our prize drawing for a 2017 Family Pass to Jury Pool.


Join us in Canal Landing Park for FREE family activities including: balloon animals, face painting, and much more. For more information, please contact the New Haven Chamber of Commerce 749-4484

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ROAD CLOSURE… City of New Haven

New Haven High School Homecoming Parade Starting at St. John’s Parking lot, going west on Powers Street to Broadway Street, south
on Broadway Street to Park Avenue, east on Park Avenue, to south on Green Road, crossing S.R. 930 and proceeding to the high school parking lot will be closed Friday, September 30th from 3:45 p.m. until approximately 5:15 p.m. for the New Haven High School Homecoming Parade. A map of the Homecoming Parade route is included below:

**No Detour will be Provided**

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1st Source Bank provides tips to protect consumers against ATM skimming fraud

South Bend, IN – 1st Source Bank is encouraging the public to be on the lookout for “skimming devices” placed on ATMs by thieves in an attempt to steal debit card numbers and PINs. ATM skimming fraud is increasing nationally and in our local area as well.

1st Source Bank itself recently detected skimming devices on a very small number of its ATMs, and the bank is actively monitoring and tracking debit and ATM card activity for any sign of fraudulent activity to rigorously protect customers. Impact to bank customers so far has been very minimal, and it is expected to remain very minimal. Customers of  1st Source Bank are protected from any financial loss from this type of fraud, and the bank is simply advising customers at this time to help be on the lookout and to report anything that appears to be suspicious.

Meanwhile, 1st Source Bank will continue to regularly inspect its ATMs along with all card activity, and the bank encourages consumers to vigilantly be on the lookout as well. 1st Source Bank offers the following tips and key points to know about ATM skimming:

  • Prior to use, examine the ATM to see if anything looks out of place. Be wary if the card slot seems out of place from the rest of the machine.
  • Jiggle the card reader. If it moves around when you try to jiggle it, something is possibly not right. A genuine card reader should be affixed to the ATM so well that it will not move.
  • Look for hidden cameras or keypad overlays used to capture customer PINs. Be sure to cover your hand when entering your PIN.
  • Be especially vigilant on weekends when thieves are most likely to place skimming devices on ATMs.
  • Notify police if you suspect a skimming device is present on an ATM.
  • Monitor your account daily and report suspicious transactions to your bank. 1st Source customers should call (574) 235-2000 or toll free 800 513-2360.

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Honor all the US Veterans in our community by joining us in this 5K run/walk! November 12th will be the Fort Wayne Veteran’s Day 5K Run / Walk. The run/walk will begin at 10am…The event will be held on the Rivergreenway in Fort Wayne, Indiana. On-site registration will start at 8:45am near the Rivergreenway boat dock just South of Kreager Park, the address is 7000 N River Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46815.  State of the art RFID chip on the bib timing will be provided by Timed Events. will have published results online including a Youtube video of the finish line. Awards to top runners. Special event T-shirts only guaranteed to a limited group of preregistered participants. All Veterans and Active Military will recieve 50% off entry.  $25 for adult preregistration and $15 for youths 15 and under. Day of race registrations will incur an increased fee. Register at:

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On September 15th, Mrs. Danielle White’s first grade class at Central Lutheran School celebrated International Dot Day. This celebration is inspired by the children’s book The Dot by Peter Reynolds and encourages students to make their mark on the world. During the day, students were able to Skype with new friends in Florida to share their Dot Day creations and used Augmented Realty app Quiver to make their 2D circles come to life!  What a fun day in first grade!

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Your body was designed to move and WANTS you to exercise! The good news is that beginning an exercise program at any age has many benefits.

Exercise boosts memory and learning. Exercising increases your heart rate, which pumps more oxygen to your brain and releases more hormones. This provides an environment ideal for brain cell growth. Memory issues or Alzheimer’s affects over 40% of the population ages 85+. With regular exercise, you have a greater chance to avoid being within that 40%.

Your heart becomes stronger when you exercise regularly, just like any other muscle in your body. As it becomes stronger, it is able to pump more blood throughout your body, lowering your risk of heart disease, and decreasing your resting heart rate since it doesn’t have to work as hard.

Similar to muscle, your bones respond to exercise by becoming stronger (increased bone density). Increased bone density can reduce the risk of osteoporosis, which is most commonly found in wrists, spine, shoulders and hips. Weight-bearing exercises are recommended for increasing bone density, which includes walking and hiking. Did You Know? Walking 3x’s per week for a minimum of 30 minutes each time is enough to maintain and possibly reverse cognitive decline in older adults.

October is National Physical Therapy Month

Hosted by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) each October, National Physical Therapy Month is celebrated to recognize Physical Therapists (PTs) and Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs) for their help in improving the lives of others. Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants work as a close, professional team to examine, plan and treat individuals to help reduce pain, improve mobility and increase overall function. Their goal is to help improve your body, without surgery or prescription medications. Each
patient has their own plan of care focused on their needs and goals, rather than a “cookie cutter” routine.

Physical Therapy can help with:

Exercise for Your Mind, Body and Soul!

• Low Back & Neck Pain

• Knee, Ankle or Foot Pain

• Sprains & Muscle Strains

• Arthritis

• Cardiac Rehabilitation

• Rehabilitation after a Major Injury

• Chronic Respiratory Problems

• Stroke Rehabilitation

• Shoulder Issues

• Balance

• Hip fractures

• Incontinence

8300 Maysville Road | Fort Wayne, IN 46815

260-749-4624 |

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One in six Indiana High School students have considered attempting suicide, and one in eight have made a plan for attempting suicide, according to Indiana Youth Institute 2015 research. In an effort to prevent youth suicide, multiple organizations have joined together to bring potentially life-saving school assemblies to East Allen County Schools.

East Allen County Schools is teaming up with RemedyLIVE, creator of the Get Schooled TourTM. RemedyLIVE is a web-based chat center with over 1,400 guests per day and staffed by over 100 staff who chat with youth that have struggles in their life. One suicide plan is averted per hour, connecting hurting youth to a meaningful conversation with someone who cares. The chat is available 24/7 and can be activated by texting the word REMEDY or LOOKUP to the number 494949. The week of September 23, East Allen Community Schools will be hosting The Get Schooled Tour.TM This school assembly is a one hour, high energy program, that combines live music, interactive polling, and motivating video, so students are engaged in making a difference within their school walls. It’s specifically tailored for teens in public schools to provide courage to share their secret struggles with caring adults and look for others around them that need support as well. The assembly is designed to be memorable and make a significant difference in the lives of the students that participate in it. Area organizations have also partnered with these events, including The Lutheran Foundation. The Lutheran Foundation’s new website, Look Up (, which focuses on mental/behavioral health and wellness, will be promoted so students will be aware of resources available to them. We are also thankful for our other sponsors who have made these events possible including: Sweetwater, Parkview Health, Chautauqua~Wawasee, All-Star Communications, Park Center,
Bowen Center, Sky Zone and Circle City Audio.

Get Schooled Tour Schedule for East Allen County Schools: Friday, September 23, 1:15 – 2:15 pm at Park Hill Learning Center (1000 Prospect Ave. New Haven) for New Haven Middle School.

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