Southwick Elementary is pleased to announce the launching of GrapeSEED, an English-language acquisition program designed, developed, and improved in Sendai, Japan over a 40 year period.  Educators in the United States are using the GrapeSEED program not only with immigrant children, but with early childhood for language development.  The program is grounded in language acquisition theory and research.  There are many benefits to this communicative framework:  speeds language development, jump-starts communications with the most essential vocabulary, facilitates a more interactive close-knit teacher-student relationship, and greatly enhances student interest, accelerating the learning process.  One of the most effective strategies that GrapeSEED employs is the use of multisensory activities in the visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile modalities.

Prior to the start of school, sixteen Southwick staff members were trained. It is a concerted, coordinated effort among English Learner teachers, RtI specialists, classroom teachers, and instructional support staff to teach students oral language development over the course of an hour and twenty minutes per day in grades K-2 with a focus on kindergarten.

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